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Five favourites from Schladming

To calm down both you and us after our last nerve-racking story, we’ve decided to share some personal recommendations and scenic shots from the Schladming area during summer season. Enjoy our top five destinations and things to do in and around Schladming!

A little wooden hut in the center of Schladming with a pointy roof

1. Dachstein

Looking up at Dachstein from the base cable car station

Let’s start with this big boi first because it’s the one thing you really cannot miss! Dachstein is the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps, has a glacier and a cable car going up so you can skip calling mountain rescue after getting stuck on the way up like we did. You can read our story here, and also find out how to take the otherwise expensive cable car almost for free, yay!

View from the top cable car station of Dachstein

2. Planai

View of the Dachstein mountain range from the top of Planai

More famous for being a skiing area, Planai actually offers sweet views in the summer time as well! Depending on how much exercise you desire, you can hike up and down from Schladming or hop on a cable car directly from town center and choose between several scenic hiking paths at the top. We have more information and photos in our post here.

Schladming and the surrounding valley with the towering Dachstein mountains in the background

3. Reiteralm and Spiegelsee

Snow falling down with a view of Spiegelsee

On good days, Spiegelsee on the Reiteralm is a photographer’s dream come true because the Dachstein big boi reflects in it and makes for a stunning motive. On not so good ones, it’s still breathtaking there! We visited in September and already walked through snowfall! As everywhere around Schladming, there is a cable car you can take and a panoramic hike waiting for you at the top of Reiteralm. More fairy-tale photos and guidance on how to find this place here.

4. Ramsau am Dachstein

Protestant church in Ramsau am Dachstein with Dachstein mountain range towering in the back

The closest town to the cable car station, Ramsau is basically the door to Dachstein. It sits right in front of the Dachstein mountain range and consists of picturesque little houses, beautiful churches and adorable small cafes and shops. At an altitude of 1135m, Ramsau has a charming alpine flair and is ideal for a pleasant stroll. Check out the fact box at the bottom of our blog post for directions from Schladming.

A somewhat battered blue vintage scooter in front of a secondhand store in Ramsau am Dachstein

5. Hallstatt

Hallstatt in the snow and its reflections on the lake

So close and yet so far. Hallstatt is right on the other side of the Dachstein range which unfortunately means you’ll have to go all the way around but it’s SO worth it. The town became super famous over the last years and rightly so, it’s stunning. We actually visited on a separate occasion in November but you can take the train from Schladming to Hallstatt (2 hrs one way, change in Stainach-Irding) and use the genius Einfach-Raus ticket, a cheap group ticket valid for up to five people on all regional trains (R and REX) in Austria on the same day. It’s even easier when you download the ÖBB app and buy the ticket on there. No excuses, let’s go!

Hallstatt in the snow with focus on the church at the lake front

Do you have more recommendations for the area? Let us know in the comments!

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