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17 locations for vintage Wes Anderson vibes

Who doesn’t love a bit of Wes Anderson aesthetic!? Here’s a selection of our photos and travels from around Europe which gave us major Wes Vibes! Scroll to the bottom for a map with all the locations pinpointed for your travelling pleasure!

And while you’re at it, check out the book Accidentally Wes Anderson, where one of our pics of the Niesenbahn (number 3!) features.

1. Zwölferhorn cable car, Sankt Gilgen, Austria

What’s not to love about this nostalgic alpine cable car? Even the guy in the cable car looks like Wes! Check out our post about Wolfgangsee for more Wes pics and info!

Zwölferhorn cute yellow cable cars near St. Gilgen

2. Furth bei Göttweig, Lower Austria

This is an old school wine pressing house (Presshaus in German). Grapes are stored and pressed here in wine regions. They are usually a bit below ground for temperature reasons and that only adds to the cuteness factor! This one in particular caught our eyes, the weather was in perfect harmony with the colours!

Cute pastel yellow wine pressing house in Furth bei Göttweig

3. Niesenbahn, Switzerland

By now this is probably Aydin’s most popular photo as it has made it into the beautiful @accidentallywesanderson book but even if that wasn’t the case, it’d still be a must on this list! The Niesenbahn in Switzerland takes you up and down a 2300M high mountain, and it does so in style! Check out our blog post on the Niesenbahn more information!

Super closeup of the Niesenbahn with people looking out the windows

4. Lisbon, Portugal

You can always count on Portugal for classic cars and perfect colour combinations! We could ramble around these crooked cobbled streets all day long and never get bored!

Old mini in front of pretty house in Lisbon

5. Château Gütsch, Lucerne, Switzerland

Our next place on the list is also from Switzerland: the gorgeous Hotel Château Gütsch, situated on a hill where it overlooks Lucerne. It’s so beautiful I’m sure even Queen Victoria’s jaw dropped when she stayed here in 1868. Bonus: there’s even a mini funicular going up to it! Check the post: Wild and without worries in Lucerne for more info and impressions.

Chateau Gütsch castle hotel in Lucerne

6. Drei Weihern, St Gallen, Switzerland

We came across this one rather unexpectedly as we kept on walking uphill trying to get a good view over St. Gallen in Switzerland. These changing rooms are part of the leisure park Drei Weihern and sure enough, the entire park has the whole Wes aesthetic going on! And if you head to St. Gallen, don’t miss out on the amazing abbey library!

Entrance to vintage dressing rooms at Drei Weieren in St. Gallen

7. Pinzgauer Lokalbahn, Austria

So everyone is always talking about the great alpine railways of Switzerland. What about Austria we say! Have you seen this beauty? Pure nostalgia! We rode the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn twice because we loved it so much. It navigates the Salzach valley from Zell am See to Krimml – check out the post for more info!

The view from the pinzgauerbahn - snowy mountains and a cute village

8. Wolfgangsee, Austria

One of the smallest ferries we’ve ever been on. Luckily we were the only passengers when we went across the lake from Reith to St. Wolfgang on a rainy autumn day, so there was ample space to take some snaps. Aside from the pretty lake there are lots of picturesque eye‑catchers all around. From cute little St. Wolfgang to the Schafbergbahn mountain train and the St. Gilgen cable cars on the top of this post. I don’t think you need any more reasons to visit, do you?

Caroline on the ferry to St Wolfgang with the Austrian flag blowing in the breeze

9. Porto, Portugal

A cocktail stand fit for Wes himself! Serving up Portugal’s favourite: Ginjinha. How about spending a hot summer afternoon here with that sweet hit of sour cherry?! If you’re looking what else to do in Porto, look no further.

Cute red drinks stand in Porto

10. Granada, Spain

Another car, another cobbled street. Granada in general is a feast for the eyes. The Alhambra, the old white washed houses and the Sierra Nevada mountains towering over it all. The autumn colours brought it all to life and we wished for nothing more than to be able to drive into the sunset in this masterpiece. Unfortunately for us we were hitchhiking and could afford no such luxury!

Old metallic purple Beetle car under a copper coloured tree, Granada

11. Tower viewer at Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary

We’ve got a lot of love for coin‑operated binoculars in pretty places and this one is a particularly cute one. To be fair, pretty much all of Budapest looks like the set of a Wes Anderson film, especially the charming vintage cafés where you can stuff yourself with some of the best cakes in the world and dream of the good old days!

Tower viewer at Buda Castle

12. Melk Abbey, Lower Austria

Interior and the exterior, perfect Wes aesthetic. The slowly falling fine snowflakes being the literal icing on the cake. The whole Abbey is a masterpiece, including the church inside, which is one the most extravagant ones we’ve ever seen. Don’t miss the rest of Melk, it’s super cute and the coffee shops offer up some pretty delectable pastries…

13. Franz Schmidt Music School, Lower Austria

In a random courtyard of a random village in the suburbs of Vienna. If it’s not one of the cutest façades ever I don’t know what is…

Franz Schmidt-Musikschule, Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

14. Lake Garda, Italy

I almost died when this scene unfolded. A vintage Italian car, on a ferry, on lake Garda. It’s the epitome of travel in Italy and I can’t think of a better holiday. Meanwhile, I’m considering reversing our ugly rental car off the ferry to not spoil the perfect scene.

Classic vintage red car on a ferry on lake Garda, Italy

15. Katrin cable car, Bad Ischl, Austria

Zwölferhorn cable car has unfortunately been removed and replaced with some new monstrosity, however, Katrin lives on. This vintage cable car in Bad Ischl has been whisking tourists to the top of Katrin alp since 1959. From the top station you can hike a magnificent but demanding alpine trail, a panoramic tour of seven lakes of the Salzkammergut.

Katrin cable car, Bad Ischl, Austria

16. Krems, Lower Austria

The whole of Krems is an architectural delight. In fact, the whole of the Wachau valley is but we’re getting off-topic there. Krems is full of beautiful façades painted with only the finest shades of pastel colours. There’s plenty more to explore too: wonky buildings, winding cobbled streets, stunning churches, medieval city gates and plenty more!

Cute houses in Krems, Austria

17. Mallnitz, Carinthia, Austria

An almost perfectly symmetrical wooden house covered in an impossibly thick sheet of snow? Yeah, that’s serious Wes vibes if you ask us! The wooden cabins are in abundance here and if you visit during the heart of winter the Alms will be flowing with Glühwein and the children sledging the slopes! If you’re looking for more winter adventures in Carinthia, we sourced the finest especially for you.

Gruber Alm, perfect wooden winter hut covered in snow, Mallnitz, Carinthia

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